Amerijet Delivers COVID-19 Vaccines to the Caribbean

Amerijet Vaccines Guyana
Guyana officials receiving the COVID-19 vaccines

With cargo airlines playing a key role in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, Fort Lauderdale-based carrier Amerijet has joined the global vaccination effort.

The company recently delivered COVID-19 vaccines to several countries in the Caribbean and Central America on behalf of Odyssey Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

These shipments were a part of India’s Government gifted Covishield AstraZeneca vaccines manufactured by the Serum Institute of India.

The vaccines, bound for Jamaica, Guyana, and Nicaragua, were transferred via Amerijet’s Hub at the Miami International Airport.

The flagship Amerijet facility is one of the most modern at the airport, and includes a temperature-controlled handling center designed to maintain the cold-chain integrity for refrigerated, frozen, and chilled products, like the vaccines.

Moreover, an environmentally-protected exclusive pre-cooling receiving area allows for the successful tender, transfer, and transport of the doses.

Amerijet’s cold-chain pharma standards and processes have been certified by International Air Transport Association (IATA) since 2017. The airline completed its preparations to support the COVID-19 vaccine shipments by being the first U.S cargo carrier re-certified under the IATA Center of Excellence for Independant Validators (CEI) program in August 2020.

“Delivering 350,000 doses of life-saving vaccines to destinations in our service region is something our entire company is proud of, and all of us at Amerijet are honored to be part of the global initiative to get the virus under control.” said CEO Tim Strauss.

“Our pharma handling team’s quality standards, uniform processes, and transparency provide our forwarder and healthcare partners with reliable logistics services every day and is uniquely valuable as we push back against the pandemic.”

The company’s investments in climate-controlled infrastructure, training and partnerships with like-minded suppliers underscores Amerijet’s vision to move the goods that enrich and connect the lives of our friends, customers and communities.


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