$500K Appropriation for Miami Gardens African Museum of Arts and Culture

Architectural Rendering of the new African American Museum of Arts and Culture in the City of Miami Gardens - Caribbean National Weekly News

At the request of Senator Daphne Campbell of Miami, the proposed Miami Gardens-based African Museum of Arts and Culture (AMAC) was awarded a state allocation of $500,000 on Wednesday September 6, at Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens.


State of the art facility

The new African Museum of Arts and Culture is a planned, state-of-the-art multipurpose facility for the educational, cultural, economic, and social enrichment of the citizens of the city of Miami Gardens, Florida, and residents of Miami-Dade County and visitors.

This allocation, labeled a “milestone towards achieving the mission of creating a center that is designed to be a magnet for culture, tourism and economic activity,” was the second appropriation organized by request of Senator Campbell. The measure was sponsored in the Florida House by State Rep. Cynthia Stafford and supported by Senator Oscar Braynon, II.


Land donated by Miami-Dade Commission

 The original land for the museum was donated by the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners upon the request of District 1 Commissioner Barbara Jordan.

The facility will house and exhibit art and cultural artifacts, including programming, production and presentations of art, music, dance and related disciplines. Local and regional artists will have a venue to present and display their artistic creations.

Senior, Middle, and Elementary Schools will be invited to schedule field trips for students who will:

  1. View exhibits
  2. Attend programs and presentations
  3. Participate in artistic events as emerging artists themselves
  4. Meet artists of various genres

“I am honored to have been able to obtain funding to help establish the first African American Museum in the State of Florida. This is a great step in the right direction for our community as a whole. We are empowering youth with knowledge about their past and we are also providing a needed foundation for emerging artisans and entrepreneurs to get the exposure and opportunities they need to succeed,” says Senator Campbell.


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