Travel safer, cheaper, smarter

Although travel is one of life’s sources for cultural growth and development it definitely comes with some monetary and safety risks which could put a hamper on how you enjoy your trip. Use these travel hacks on your next journey to make the most out of your trip!

  1. Leave valuable jewelry at home.

Do not take expensive jewelry with you onto trips unless you are staying somewhere with a safe. The last thing you want to do is show up with a bunch of nice things just to have them stolen from your hostel or room. For those of you who may  have expensive engagement jewelry, consider having cheap costume ring that you can buy at Wal-Mart or Claire’s; simply a basic band that serves as a placeholder.

  1. Send a photo of your passport to your family as a back-up.

As an American traveler, stolen passports are a common thing. When traveling for an extended period of time or to multiple locations, always have a back-up plan should anything happen to your hard copy. Sending it to family can ensure that you will have a way to gain a copy to prove you are who you say you are.

  1. Get a room or apartment with a microwave or kitchen. 

Many hotels will have a microwave, AirBnB will have a full kitchen, however, may places may not and that can prove difficult. Staying by a shopping area where you can buy groceries and cook something will help you keep your travel cost down. This is a cheaper alternative to going out every night for every meal and snacks. Staying in a place with a microwave will allow you to be able to warm up leftovers.

  1. Walk with a secondary or disposable wallet. 

It’s never a good idea to walk around a foreign place with your normal wallet full of cash and cards. In the event that it gets stolen you will have to go through a long call list to cancel everything and get replacements sent to you abroad. Having this secondary wallet will help you out In the event that you lose it. The secondary wallet should only have enough cash to get you through the day, spending wise, and the necessary identification.

  1. Leave extravagant friends at home.

If you have diva friends that reuse to stay at three-star hotels, or complain about “Third World” living conditions, and believe that customer service should be the way it is in America, then you will be spending a lot of wherever you go. This kind of adventure is no adventure at all and can defeat the purpose of travel if you crave to experience the culture, the food and explore other world views.

  1. Contact your cell phone company before you take off.

Before you jet off across the country make sure to speak with your phone provider to make sure you won’t have to pay crazy fees for using your Maps App or phone home. Some providers will temporarily change your service to accommodate travel and some allow you to use your phone the same and do not charge anything additional. There are some free apps that use wifi and can keep you connected, WhatsApp and Hangouts Dialer.


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