More than 100 ISIS members in T&T, says US Official

ISIS members iin T&T

The head of the US’ Southern Command says there are more than 100 members of the Islamic State operating on the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

One of most fertile breeding ground

Admiral Kurt Tidd, made the claim at a Pentagon press briefing Monday, according to Stars & Stripes. Tidd said some ISIS fighters in Syria originated in Trinidad and Tobago, which has been reported as one of the most fertile breeding grounds for Islamic extremists in the Western Hemisphere.

“There are individuals who have been radicalized, where this pernicious message has taken root. That’s a concern to the government of Trinidad and Tobago,” Tidd was quoted as saying.

Serious concern

Tidd added that while an increased effort by the international community has had some success in keeping ISIS fighters in Syria and Iraq from returning home to countries in the Western Hemisphere, including Trinidad and Tobago, the issue is still a serious concern.

The admiral added that other nations in the Caribbean are starting to realize Islamic extremism could be a serious problem in the region but would not confirm if ISIS fighters have infiltrated the United States from its southern border.

He, however, said that law enforcement, the intelligence community, the military, diplomats and other nations are working together to protect against ISIS attacks.



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