Regulations governing Jamaica’s cannabis industry to take effect early next year

Chairman of the Cannabis Licensing Authority Dr. Andre Gordon.

Chairman of the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), in Jamaica, Dr. Andre Gordon, has promised that the authority will be transparent as it seeks to regulate the local marijuana industry.

“Whatever we do that is not sensitive at the moment of discussion or decision, will not be kept away from the stakeholders. We don’t expect and will not give anyone the opportunity to have any doubts about how licences are issued and who get licences,” he told a recent conference on Jamaica’s Cannabis Reforms.

Gordon said that the guidelines which are used to govern the Authority will be made available to all stakeholders reiterating that the main function of the CLA is to foster the sector’s growth and development, and regulate the legal marijuana and hemp industry in Jamaica.

Gordon said that while the organization has no authority over the religious or sacramental use of marijuana, it will ensure that persons from that sector are given a level playing field on which to participate in a regulated and legal industry.

He said that the three Orders have been issued by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining for the use of marijuana for research purposes and the Authority, by law, will maintain jurisdiction over the drug that is used for research.

Gordon said he expects the final regulations of the CLA to be in place during the first quarter of 2016.


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