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Rugby player Courtney “Cortz’ Dwight Smith was born

On this day in Caribbean American history, on April 14, 1971, Courtney “Cortz’ Dwight Smith, a retired Canadian professional rugby player was born. Smith played on the Canadian national team from 1995 to 1999.

Smith, who was born in Kingston, Jamaica, held the wing-back position for all of his career. His test debut came on March 7, 1995 during the Uruguay versus Canada game in Montevideo.

Smith also played for Meraloma and London Scottish Rugby teams.

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His last test was on October 2, 1999 during the France and Canada game in Bezier’s.

During his career, Smith had a 21 cap ( term for a player’s appearance in a game at international level), and had to end his rugby career due to a broken arm.

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