Kingston City Run courts SoFlo Diaspora

Seeking to promote greater participation from the Diaspora in South Florida for its upcoming 2016 event, representatives from Kingston City Run held an official launch recently at the Jamaican Consulate in Miami.

The anticipate event, which will be held from March 11 to 13, includes a 5K, 10 K and half marathon race. Other additional landmark events include a Bacchanal carnival party, a Lifestyle and Wellness Expo and award ceremony for excelling participants.

“Throughout the race, you can go through all this historic and cultural sites of Kingston,” said president of the Jamaica Hotel Tourism Association (JHTA), Nicola Madden-Greig at the Miami launch event. “We truly believe this is a great way to truly showcase Kingston and its magnificent and iconic attractions.”

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The run will go through popular locations throughout the city, including Devon House, King’s House, the revamped Hope Zoo and Gardens, and Emancipation Park. Madden-Greig also highlighted the event’s philanthropic focus, particularly targeting homelessness in the city.

“We look at it from the point of view that any city is only as strong as its weakest link,” said the JHTA president. “We want to help eliminate the plight of homeless persons.”

The City Run has been supporting charities like Missionaries of the Poor, which provides rehabilitation and skills training specifically to disadvantaged young men. Registered participants can also get involved in the event’s philanthropic efforts by visiting the charities, as well as directly donating to the event’s various causes.

“It’s not just about going and having fun,” said Greig. “We also want you to give back, so that spirit of volunteerism is all mixed into the whole event.”

The event is also geared to “change the perception that too many of us have had over the years about the city,” said Greig. “Kingston is a very vibrant, fun city.”

To encourage the Jamaican Diaspora to participate, event organizers, in partnership with hotels and travel agents, are also offering a “Come Along” Package, which gives major discounts to groups of 15.

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