Jamaican Diaspora 20 under 40: Omari Harvey: The Music Man

The Music Man


Omari was born in Jamaica 35 years ago. He currently resides in Broward County and although working in the airline industry with JetBlue Airways, his passion lies in the field of music.

In pursuing his passion, the most memorable moment was listening to his first musical production as it was being broadcasted live on the air in Florida on Jammy’s Radio 101.5FM in Springfield, MA.

Omari started his alternative career in music in 2011, when with three of his close friends, Robert Murray, Carlton Meneus and Wendy Magloire, he started “Gone Tuff Music”.  He was voted CEO by the team and together they set out to “Revolutionize the art of music.”

So passionate is his love for music that Omari believes that making music is his “God given talent.” He says. “I eat, sleep & breathe music.  My mother has had a major impact on me in my decision to pursue music.  She always saw the talent in me from a very young age and encouraged me to pursue it.  I always reflect on her words of empowerment & encouragement as it fuels me and helps me to believe in myself.”

Omari is very concerned about the youth in the Diaspora. He would like to see all the youth succeed and “not to let anything or anyone stop them from achieving their goals and for them to stay focused and not let time pass them by.  “My advice to the youth is they can never get time back.  Complacency is a major contributor to failure.”

For the future he hopes to make music that “pierces the hearts and souls of people all around the world.  Music that has a positive impact, promoting God, love, unity & peace.  Music is truly a strong remedy for the healing of the nation.  I simply want to ‘buss down barriers’ with my music.”

Omari believes his Jamaican heritage has shaped his love, and the talent he has developed, for music. “Although I migrated to the United States as a youth, I was raised heavily in the Jamaican Culture.  My parents, grandmother, uncles & aunt have all played an integral part of my upbringing.  My family is filled with Christians & Rastas so the culture has had a major impact and influence on my music and conscious level of thinking.

“I believe all Jamaicans are proud to be Jamaican.  I am proud of my Country and what it stands for.  We are a strong, smart, influential & talented people, of course, most importantly, our Reggae music and our delicious and various kinds of food is second to none.  What’s not to be proud of?”


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