Why the Caribbean’s Top Casinos Draw So Many Tourists

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Throughout the pandemic, an effort has been made to keep the Caribbean on the minds of tourists. While travel understandably slowed down throughout 2020 (and all bust ceased for a time), thing have been picking up again in 2021. And as travel to the Caribbean continues to get back on track, one thing we can count on is that the region’s marquee casinos will be at the forefront of the activity.

Of course there are plenty of reasons beyond the casinos to visit the Caribbean. For most, the casinos aren’t even the main attractions. But as we look forward to more tourism and an influx of activity at Caribbean casinos nonetheless, it’s a good time to consider what makes these venues so attractive to visitors from abroad.

Quality & Prestige

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The main reason the Caribbean’s top casinos are such consistent tourism draws is that they happen to be prestigious, high-quality venues. Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas and the Renaissance Aruba in particular are sometimes recognized among the best casino resorts in the world! They’re large, professionally run venues with limitless gaming and entertainment options. Combine places like these with a destination as inherently alluring as the Caribbean, and it’s no wonder they do so much business.

The Lackluster Online Takeover

For a while now, people have predicted that online casinos would more or less render real-world venues obsolete — or at least draw consumers away in significant numbers. At least in the U.S. however (where much of the Caribbean’s tourism comes from), the online takeover has been somewhat lackluster. Access to real casino arcades is sporadic, and there are only a few states allowing online poker. Granted, there are plenty of free options. Poker, slot, and blackjack apps number in the dozens, and a few multiplayer poker platforms simulate the real thing quite well. But Americans looking for “real” casino games still see the appeal in visiting major casinos, and as noted above the Caribbean has some of the best.

Full Resort Activity

It’s also important to point out that the leading Caribbean casinos offer a great deal of activity beyond gaming. Yes, the slot floors are extensive, the poker rooms are top-notch, and there are plenty of additional table games. But these resorts also offer guests everything from classy restaurants, to marine exhibits, to spa treatments — and much more. Like most of the best casino resorts around the world, they’re full entertainment and hospitality venues that make for vacations unto themselves.

The Beaches

It’s a simple point, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the beaches as well! The Caribbean’s best beaches are truly some of the most beautiful and alluring in the world, and there’s just something special about visiting a casino resort mere steps away from them. In most casinos, a game of poker or a few hours at the slot machines tends to be followed by a return to the room, or a stop at a restaurant. At a place like Atlantis or the Renaissance Aruba, you can wrap up these activities and head right out to a world-class beach to soak up some sun or have a refreshing swim.

Considering all of these factors, it’s no wonder the Caribbean’s top casinos continue to draw so much activity. We’d expect to see them as busy as ever moving forward toward what we hope will be the final weeks and months of the pandemic.



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