Venezuela holds talks with Haitian president

Venezuela says it will continue providing assistance to Haiti in the socio-economic development of  Haiti.

“I am completely satisfied with the cooperation with Haiti. We are going to improve it and we will keep the path of cooperation.  We have always been together and we will stay together and continue to walk along the same path of dignity and independence,” said Foreign Affairs Minister Delcy Rodrígue, following talks with President Jovenel Moïse on Monday.

The meeting was described as  part of the celebration of 153 years of bilateral diplomatic relations initiated at the time of independence, when Alexandre Pétion bring his support to Simón Bolívar for the expedition of Keys in 1816, which allowed him to enter Venezuela.

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Caracas has supported its cooperation with Port au Prince through several mechanisms including  PetroCaribe, the oil agreement  Venezuela has with several countries and the training of Haitian medical students in Venezuela.

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