Purse snatcher collared by Good Samaritan

A man who allegedly tried to snatch a woman’s purse at Publix and run away with it was in jail Thursday after one shopper sprang into action, according to Boynton Beach Police.

A woman was loading groceries into her car outside of the supermarket in Boynton Beach when police said a man swooped in, snatched her purse, and bolted.

But his run was short-lived after another alert shoppers saw the whole thing and gave chase. The male shopper said he heard when the elderly woman screamed and saw the hoodlum sprinting away. He gave chase and soon caught up with the thief. After tackling the suspect a small scuffle ensued and the purse grabbed was further chased to a nearby parking lot where a woman was waiting in a getaway car.

The good Samaritan delivered a few blows to the suspect’s body before retrieving the stolen property.

According to an arrest report, the man kept the robbery accused Gregory Reneson and the woman, Tamlyn Dexter in their sports utility vehicle until officers got to the shopping center on Gateway Boulevard.

Investigators said they found syringes, spoons, and plastic baggies in the car.

Reneson and Dexter were charged with possessing drug paraphernalia

Reneson refused to appear in court this morning and also faces a robbery charge.


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