Pembroke Pines man finds 8-foot python in his garage

A studio portrait of a dwarf Burmese python, Python bivittatus progschai.

A Pembroke Pines homeowner got a shock Friday morning, and had to employ some quick thinking to save his dog’s life.

Joseph Liscinsky has been living in the community for 22 years and ha seen alligators, Nile monitors, geckos and other wildlife, but for the first time he came a cross a python inside his garage.

Liscinsky said the python was in striking distance from his small dog when he found it about midnight.  

Liscinsky believes that his unwelcome guest was hiding out in a nearby canal and made its way into his garage overnight.

He said he immediately called his neighbor, who brought him a broom and a pillowcase.

He said he held the snake’s head down and picked it up, and then it did an automatic wrap around. Liscinsky managed to get the snake inside the pillow case, where he kept it until wildlife officials picked it up

But Liscinsky  is still feeling the pain himself after the non-venomous snake got a hold of his hand with its razor-sharp teeth.

The incident comes at the same time that the South Florida Water Management District is paying top python hunters to capture and kill the snakes that are threatening the Everglades.


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