“Protect Them” Gala scheduled for Child Abuse Prevention Month

On Saturday April 23, 2016, The “Protect Them” Gala will be held at the luxurious Carolina Golf Club in Margate, to conclude National Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month.  

“PROTECT THEM” serves to rally South Florida’s diverse populations around an issue that affects all communities.   “As an offshoot of the ‘Nuh Guh Deh’ Campaign launched by Eve for Life, a nongovernmental organization, in October 2014; this gala is intended to bring awareness to the issue of child sexual abuse; prevalence and prevention. Through this event, we are reaching the young, the old, males, females, Americans and members of the Diaspora, because child sexual abuse transcends, age, gender, race and nationality.” said Lavern Deer, Diaspora Nuh Guh Deh Taskforce Chair and Jamaica International Female Football Development Inc. (JIFFD), CEO.

Preceding the gala, persons can get involved by attending the free Nuh Guh Deh Symposium during Black History Month.  Participants will learn the facts about child abuse, current trends, hear from victims, and participate in visioning activities that will be formulated into a strategic plan for prevention and subsequent eradication of this worldwide epidemic. 

Tickets go to the gala will go on sale February 27th, 2016 and can be purchased through Eventbrite.com


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