Florida to Require High School Students to Receive CPR Training

High school students in Florida will soon be learning a new life-saving skill at school.

Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill requiring all school districts to provide basic training in first aid, including CPR instruction.

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The bill (HB 157) passed the House and Senate in unanimous votes during the legislative session that ended April 30.

Under the measure, school districts will be required to provide one hour of “basic training in first aid to all students in the ninth and eleventh grades.” School districts also will be “encouraged” to begin giving basic first-aid and CPR training to students in grades 6 and 8.

According to the bill summary, the CPR training must be based on a “one-hour nationally recognized program that uses the most current evidence-based emergency cardiovascular care guidelines.”

The law officially goes into effect on July 1.



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