Florida Democratic Party announces launch of statewide Voter Protection Program

Tallahassee, Florida – In response to Florida Republicans long history of voter suppression – underlined by the recent passage of SB 7066, that created a poll tax on ex-felons and would have invalidated 53,929 mail-in ballots if it were law in 2018 – the Florida Democratic Party is announcing a year-round voter protection program to tackle this growing threat to Floridians right to vote.

Voter Protection Director

As part of the program launch, the Florida Democratic Party has named Brandon Peters as it’s new Voter Protection Director. Peters is the first person to fill this role for the Party in a year-round capacity. Peters’ team will include Alma Gonzalez, who will serve as senior legal advisor for voter protection, and Charles H. Lichtman, who will serve as chief legal counsel for voter protection.

Terrie Rizzo, chair of the Florida Democratic Party, on the addition of year-round voter protection staff and support:

“Today in Florida, there is no greater assault on our Democracy than the continued efforts to restrict the right to vote. And while Democrats have long stood against voting restrictions implemented by Republicans in the Florida legislature, we need a sustained year-round effort to make voting easier, more transparent, and ensure that every legal vote is counted. We welcome Brandon Peters, along with Charles H. Lichtman and Alma Gonzalez, to champion our efforts to protect voting rights in Florida, because if the 2019 legislative session, driven by Governor DeSantis and the Florida GOP, has taught us anything, it is that voter suppression doesn’t just happen on election day.”

“There is nothing more American than voting and making your voice heard,” said Brandon Peters. “I’m excited to work with a dedicated group of staff, volunteers, and elections officials who are committed to protecting the vote in Florida and working to make sure that every vote is counted.”


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