JDTAN Announces Annual General Meeting on September 20

The Jamaica Diaspora Taskforce Action Network (JDTAN), the sector-based network with members across 21 countries, will host its Annual General Meeting (AGM) under the theme Reflections from Our Partners: Diaspora Engagement for Jamaica’s Growth and Development.
The keynote speaker for the AGM is none other than Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica National Group – Earl Jarrett.
“Mr. Jarret has a special relationship with the Diaspora and we are elated to have him as our Keynote speaker. The Diaspora movement has come a long way and he has been a major part of the transformation. We will learn from his broad experience with Diaspora matters, I’ve heard him present; He truly understands Diaspora engagement,” remarked Leo Gilling, Chairman, JDTAN.
The JDTAN AGM takes place on Sunday, September 20, 2020, at 4 PM US ET and 3 PM Jamaica time and will be moderated by Dervan Malcolm, popular Power 106 Broadcaster of the Saturday morning show, Diaspora Live.
Other speakers include: Dr Robert Runcie,  Jamaican Superintendent of Broward County Public Schools; Dr. Carey Wallace, Executive Director of the Tourism Enhancement Fund; Dr. Hansel Fletcher, Loma Linda University; Dr. Elizabeth Molina, Broward College; Dr. Rosalea Hamilton, CEO of the LASCO Chin Foundation; Charles Clayton, Program Director, Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ); Mary McLaughlin, CEO of the Trees That Feed Foundation and Jasford Gabriel, President of the Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA.)
Lesleyann Samuel, Chair of  the AGM added that “JDTAN has invited these various partners that Taskforces have collaborated with over the years to share their thoughts on the ways the Diaspora has tangibly impacted their mandates and to suggest additional ways to collaborate in achieving Jamaican Vision 2030.”
The AGM is open to the public go to, www.JDTAN.org/AGM2020  for details.