Holness says Jamaica committed to protecting rights of workers

Jamaican civilians wait for a bus that will take them to their jobs at the base dining facility: 09/15/1983 ARC Identifier 6384168 / Local Identifier 330-CFD-DN-ST-84-07547.jpeg Still Picture Records Section, Special Media Archives Services Division, College Park, MD Item from Record Group 330: Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, 1921 - 2008

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Prime Minister Andrew Holness says his administration is committed to protecting the rights of workers  whose sacrifices have resulted in the economic growth now being experienced.

Speaking at the launch of Workers’ Week and Labor Day 2019 activities, earlier this week, Holness said  that this and other safeguards are important in preserving Jamaica’s fragile recovery, “as the economy gets stronger and more robust”.

Holness, who noted that the economy is improving as evidenced by record high employment and low unemployment, said for this to continue, “we must ensure that our businesses can grow and have the confidence to employ”.

“At the same time, we must ensure that our workers are satisfied in their employment and that labor is properly rewarded,” he added.

He praised workers’ unions for being “very progressive” over the last 30 years, and advised that they should always seek to utilize the mechanism developed for resolving conflicts, “because any action outside of that could easily destabilize the very tenuous and fragile recovery of our economy”.

Workers’ Week activities will begin on  May 19, followed by a wreath-laying ceremony the following day, in commemoration of the 1938 labor riots. Workers’ Week is being observed under the theme ‘Yes to decent work; no to child labor’.


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