Two bullets for T&T Opposition Candidate

Fabien Assie

Assie found bullets in small brown envelope

The election saga continues as Independent Liberal Party (ILP) candidate Fabien Assie received lethal threats in the form of two bullets delivered to his campaign office this past weekend.

Assie, who is contesting the Fyzabad constituency, reportedly found a small brown envelope with the words “This is for Fyzabad candidate Fabien Assie” inside the doorway.

Assie was admitted to the Gulf View Medical Centre for shock. Meanwhile, police are investigating the source of the hostile letter. As proof, ILP leader Jack Warner posted a photo of the bullets on social media. In response, ILP chairman Rekha Ramjit called for increased security for candidates.

“Personal security is a major issue,” said Ramjit. “It is one that former minister of national security, Mr Gary Griffith, said that we should pay special attention to. I believe that security for all the candidates is a must in this election.”

Assie is the second politician in recent weeks who has been threatened, following the People’s National Movement (PNM), Dr. Keith Rowley’s recent report of death threats


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