By:Cerone White

On this day in history May 12, 2002, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter visited the island of Cuba for five days. During Carter’s visit he was the second U.S. president, after Calvin Coolage, in or out of office to ever visit the island in efforts to help build relations between the two countries.This visit was significant in part of Carter wanting to bridge the gap between the country and in part as a response to Castro’s personal invitation. Carter’s presidency lasted from 1977-1981 and during this term he sought to regain diplomatic and commercial connection between the two countries.

President Obama followed in Carter’s footsteps by being only the third U.S. president to ever visit the island. In 2016, Obama along with his entire family and other diplomats visited the island creating a historic moment. While there for the visit, the Obama’s stayed at the Grand Embassy Mansion. This estate was reputedly first conceived as a possible winter White House for Franklin Roosevelt. President Obama’s visit lasted three days.

Jimmy Carter Historic Speech In Cuba

Did you know:

  • The US treasury department has the power to fine U.S. citizens up to US$50,000 if they visit Cuba without a license
  • Coolage attended the Pan American Conference.




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