St. Vincent & the Grenadines minority opposition wants debate

Leader of the minority opposition Democratic Republican Party (DRP) Anesia Baptiste

In St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the leader of the minority opposition Democratic Republican Party (DRP) Anesia Baptiste is calling for a national debate among the leaders of the main political parties before voters cast ballots in the December 9 general election.

She  said the debate would provide the electorate with a clearer understanding of the policies of the political parties.

November 20 is Nomination Day but both the ruling Unity Labour Party and the main opposition New Democratic Party are expected to nominate candidates for all 15 constituencies.

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Baptiste said there is a need to lift the quality of campaign ahead of the elections.

“People would be able to hear us as political leaders and even candidates, sit down as men and women and discuss the issues confronting Vincentians in different areas.

“The people need that opportunity so they can decide who they will vote based on the issues and not what appears to be this kind of cuss out culture that has been growing among us in the country,” the DRP leader told radio listeners.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, seeking a fourth consecutive term in office, told party supporters that the party would not engage in “gutter politics” in a bid to ensure victory at the polls.



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