Have you ever gone to Bahama Breeze and fell in love with their jerk chicken pasta? Well here is a copycat recipe that is said to closely mock the dish served at the popular restaurant chain. This recipe can be be modified based on the level of Caribbean spice one would like to add to the dish.

What you’ll need:

  • 4 boneless chicken breasts or tenders
  • ½ cup of butter
  • 4-5 crushed garlic cloves
  • 1 cup of half-and-half
  • ½ cup chicken broth
  • 1 teaspoon cornstarch
  • 1 teaspoon of herbs of your choice (rosemary or marjoram or oregano)
  • 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper
  • ½ talk of asparagus
  • 8 ounces of slice mushrooms
  • 3 tablespoons of crushed parsley
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 8 ounces of bow-tie pasta

What to do:

  1. Melt butter in skillet over medium heat, add garlic.
  2. When garlic becomes fragrant, add cayenne pepper and chicken, increase heat.
  3. Cook chicken to preferred tenderness; remove from pan, leaving the garlic, butter, cayenne mix.
  4. In a separate deep pan, fill with ¼ full of water
  5. Place drainer on top of the pan, add asparagus, cover and steam for 5-10 minutes
  6. In a separate pan, cook bowtie noodles according to directions on the box and set aside.
  7. In a cup, stir together half-and-half, chicken broth, and corn starch, pour into chicken.
  8. Bring to a boil and reduce heat; simmer for 3 minutes with constant stirring
  9. Stir in parsley, herbs, mushrooms, and asparagus for 3 to 5 minutes
  10. Add chicken to heat through
  11. Add pasta and toss.
  12. Serve to hungry friends and family.




  1. Clearly who ever wrote this couldn’t have possibly actually cooked this and ate it before writing it. A tablespoon of cayenne would make this recipe inedible. other than that this recipe is spot on. i used very little cayenne and it was spot on.

  2. I am making this dish with cream of mushroom soup and light cream. Using what my pantry has to offer, plus seasonings to taste.

  3. It seems like something is missing from this recipe. I ate this at the restaurant last night and there was definitely Romano and parmesan cheese and what treated like cream of mushroom soup, could’ve just been the flavor from the mushrooms, even though I left them out.

  4. Seems to be some mistakes? Obviously the amount of cayenne is wrong and I fixed that… But I guess I was supposed to add the corn starch mix to the butter mix, but it says the chicken. Then to add the chicken again later. Turned out so – so… Certainly nothing like Bahama Breeze 🙁

  5. DO NOT PUT 1 TABLESPOON OF CAYENNE PEPPER UNLESS YOU WANT TO RUIN YOUR MEAL!!!!!! HORRIBLE. The meal would have been delicious if it wasn’t for the overload of cayenne pepper. I had to wash all the ingredients and remake the sauce to be able to enjoy it.

  6. This turned out delicious. Thank you soooo much! I did use 1tsp cayenne on the chicken plus lots of salt and black pepper!

  7. I appreciate the effort of the person who posted this recipe to try to help us all out, but this recipe definitely isn’t a copycat of Bahama breeze jerk chicken pasta. 1) WAY TOO much cayenne pepper as others have mentioned 2) You NEED Parmesan cheese in this sauce and 3) you really don’t need that much butter

  8. I made your recipe the Jerk Chicken pasta Your recipe for this dish, taste NOTHING LIKE IT SHOULD!! I spent $15 on a meal that had no TASTE, no matter what I did. It was the worst. And the directions suck. Yall should delete this. And YES I followed the recipe/Directions. The fact I’m throwing food out bc it was that bad, upsets me.

  9. I made this tonight and it was so good. I omitted cayenne pepper and did jerk seasoning and I added parm cheese to the sauce. Perfect!!!

  10. I used this recipe. I marinated the chicken in jerk seasoning and substituted Cajun seasoning for the Cayenne pepper. I also added Parmesan cheese at the end and honestly, it was VERY DELICIOUS, even better than the original you get at Bahama Breeze. Also, i found that you need more than one stalk of asparagus.


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