Dominica to establish a database of Dominicans living in the Diaspora.

The government of Dominica has announced plans to establish a database of Dominicans living in the Diaspora.

According to Tourism Minister, Robert Tonge, there is need for more information on the island to be placed in brochures at the island’s main airport.

He told officials at a recent Diaspora forum that a database is needed to disseminate as much information as possible across the Diaspora.

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“Most of us are using social media, most of us have email addresses, I think all of us have telephones,” he stated. “The intention is to begin to build a database of Dominicans. Why? Information is key. And the more information that we can send to you the better it is. Who are the best people to sell Dominica? I think all of us here.”

He said the information will also be beneficial to other sectors.

“So when you come to Dominica, when you see the information and you see the request we are asking you to share it so that we can begin to build that database and it will be beneficial to all of us. “Even from an entrepreneur stand point, if I know that there are people who love breadfruit and I know that there are about 50,000 in one particular area, it means that I can now target and send Dominican food to that particular area. So that database will have many areas that you can capitalize on, “he added.

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