Airlines cancel dozens of flights


LIAT and Caribbean Airlines (CAL)  cancelled dozens of flights for Monday and Tuesday because of Tropical Storm Bret.

When the airlines first announced flight disruptions, the system had not yet been upgraded.

CAL initially cancelled 31 international and domestic flights:

BW 550: Port of Spain to John F. Kennedy, New York
BW 1650, 1522, 1528, 1532, 1538, 1526,1530, 1536, 1540, 1550: Port of Spain to Tobago
BW 1651, 1523, 1529,1533,1539, 1527, 1531,1537, 1541, 1551: Tobago to Port of Spain
BW 483: Miami to Port of Spain; Port of Spain to Guyana
BW 459: Kingston to Antigua; Antigua to Barbados
BW 481: Fort Lauderdale to Port of Spain
BW 485: Orlando to Port of Spain
BW 434: Port of Spain to St. Lucia
BW 435: St. Lucia to Port of Spain
BW 448: Port of Spain to Barbados
BW 449: Barbados to Port of Spain
BW 438: Port of Spain to Grenada
BW 883: Port of Spain to Suriname

It subsequently announced flight cancellations and delays for both Monday and Tuesday.

19 JUNE              BW 601 DELAYED UNTIL JUNE 20 – Toronto to Port-of-Spain

20 JUNE              BW 884 CANCELLED and REPLACED with 3884 of June 20 – Suriname to Port-of-                                      Spain

20 JUNE              BW 551 CANCELLED – New York to Port-of-Spain

20 JUNE              BW 527 DELAYED – New York to Georgetown

20 JUNE              BW 527 CANCELLED – Georgetown to Port-of-Spain

20 JUNE              BW 484 DELAYED – Port-of-Spain to Miami

20 JUNE              BW 483 DELAYED – Miami to Port-of-Spain

20 JUNE              BW 440 DELAYED – Port-of-Spain to Grenada

20 JUNE              BW 439 DELAYED – Grenada to Port-of-Spain

CAL said affected customers travelling between today and Wednesday will be allowed to change or cancel their reservations without penalty, once they have a confirmed ticket issued before today, and the complete their travel by next Sunday.

Only eight LIAT flights have been affected.

LI 512 from Barbados to Guyana
LI 512 from Guyana to Barbados
LI 309 from St. Lucia to Port of Spain
LI 307 from Barbados to Grenada
LI 307 from Grenada to Trinidad
LI 393 from Barbados to Guyana
LI 737 from St. Vincent to Trinidad
LI 738 from Trinidad to St. Vincent

However, the regional airline said there may be further disruptions to its schedule and any additional affected flights would be published in a subsequent advisory.

LIAT said passengers who have been affected will be allowed to rebook with the next two weeks with all change fees waived.




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