Christmas in the Eyes of Children


It is often said that the celebrations associated with Christmas are best enjoyed by children. What does Christmas really mean to children?

This is what Christmas means to the following children residing in Jamaica and South Florida. These answers were very surprising and touching.

Brittany Chiles, 11 – Kingston, Jamaica

There are many things I like about Christmas. But most of all I like the smell of Christmas. The smell of the Christmas tree that my dad brings home. The smell of the cakes my mom bakes for Christmas, also the smell of the ham in the oven and the smell of the new curtains and sheets, and the smell of new paint as my house usually gets new paint at Christmas. Christmas time also smells so nice.


Brandon Haughton, 9 – Miramar, Florida

I love my family more at Christmas. I love that we laugh and have fun as my mom, dad, sisters and brothers and also my grandpa gather around and help to decorate the Christmas tree in the family room. The best feeling in the whole wide world is when we are finished and Dad or Mom switches on the lights on the Christmas tree. There is a little thing that Mom put on the tree that sounds like a bird singing, and that’s so, so cool. But what I don’t like is when the tree has to be taken down when Christmas is gone. I get very sad.


Nydia Abdul, 12 – Tamarac, Florida

My mom doesn’t work at Christmas and for several days after Christmas. That’s what I really love. To have my mother at home for those several days. She is a nurse and so for many days, she isn’t at home. But she makes it special at Christmas to be home with me and my brothers. That’s so cool. She cooks the nicest food, and gives the best gifts, but even without those, it is great that my mother is with us for Christmas. My mom is Christmas to me.


Kellie Wongsam, 11 – West Kendall, Florida

Every Christmas I get the chance with my friends to get toys and other things for children who are poorer than us, or don’t have anyone to give them toys. So many children have toys and stuff they don’t longer use, so when you ask them you can get a lot of good, old toys to give away to the poorer kids. But we don’t only give old toys. My dad usually takes me to buy new toys, and I have fun selecting these new toys. But the best thing of all is to be able to give the toys to the poorer kids, because they really, really like to get these toys. I feel good to see they are happy with the things we give them.


Ethan Wedderburn, 9 – Falmouth, Jamaica

Music. I love the Christmas music, and to sing Christmas Carols at Sunday school. I love to hear the choir sing at church, and hear the story about baby Jesus born in a stable. How could a baby be born in a place where cows and horses stay? It’s a nice story. I like to sing too, I sing in my Sunday school choir, and I try to sing the loudest about baby Jesus at Christmas.



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