Immigration Q&A: IRS transcript

Question: I applied for my wife’s green card and did the financial affidavit to sponsor her. But we recently received a letter from the immigration saying that I didn’t send in all the pages of my tax return to show financial proof. But we checked our return and we are sure that we sent in all the pages. So, now we don’t know what to do since they are asking for something that we already sent.

Answer: USCIS requests for additional information are very common in U.S. Residency cases, especially with the financial documents which must be provided to support the I-864 Affidavit of Support. And more often than not, the USCIS request letter is so vague, that it can often be very difficult to determine exactly what the officer is asking for. A good “rule of thumb” to use when you receive such a request like this is to order an official IRS Transcript and W-2 from the IRS, so that you know you are providing a complete return. You can call the IRS to request your Tax Transcript by calling: 800-908-9946 and they will usually fax it to you.

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