Update: Buju Banton’s Daughter Rejects Claims that She is Missing; Alleges He Is “trying to Kill Her”

buju banton daughter

Abihail Myrie, the daughter of Reggae artiste Buju Banton, has rejected a report from the Jamaica Constabulary Force that she is missing.

The police had reported on Tuesday that family members said she had not been seen or heard from since Saturday.

Attorney-at-law Maurice McCurdy says Myrie’s mother, Lorna Strachan, has informed the Constant Spring Police that her daughter is safe and has been in constant contact.

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The statement from McCurdy’s law firm said: “Miss Myrie is concerned about the report and would like to assure the public about her well-being. She is in direct communication with her mother, Lorna Strachan. The police have been advised of same.”

Myrie, a 21-year-old model, took to social media to deny that she had ever been missing.

“I’m not missing. They are lying,” she tweeted.

“How can I, my daddy’s ‘princess’ be missing and he is sooo nonchalant about it? Not one post, come on,” she added.

Myrie also alleged that she was abused by her father. “They are trying to kill me,” she wrote.

Buju Banton has not commented on the allegations.