Top 4 jerk restaurants in Jamaica

Has Grace Jamaican Jerk Fest wetted your appetite for more? Learn more about the homeland of jerk by eating your way through Jamaica at these iconic locations, from roadside eateries to adventurous culinary tours.

Scotchie’s Jerk Center – Island-wide


With locations near Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and in Kingston, the jerk lover can follow the Scotchie’s jerk trail across the whole island. The franchise started in the coastal community of Coral Gardens, and soon got so popular that they opened a second location in Drax Hall just minutes outside of Ochi. With comfortable seating and a welcoming, airy atmosphere, this location is ideal for people in transit. Smack dab in the middle of the island’s capital, the Kingston location is just as much an oasis of flavor. The menu features an excellent selection of succulent jerk pork, chicken and sausages. There are also delicious fish dishes available for those who are not of the pork persuasion.

Jamaican Jerk Outback Adventure – Ocho Rios


Get the culinary adventure of your dreams at the truly unique Jamaican Jerk Outback Adventure. This gourmet boot-camp is a hands-on cooking experience offered at the historical Great House at Prospect Plantation in Ocho Rios. Class takes place in the “Sea View” kitchen, on the veranda of the historical house 1100 feet above sea level. Each person will have their own work station with a clear view of Chef “Irie,” as he guides you in the preparation of your own Jamaican fare. Prepare your own Prospect’s Special Blend Jerk Sauce, coconut “run down” with shrimp, and more.

Boston Jerk Center – Boston Bay


Boston Jerk Center is an organic, literally home grown mall focused around jerk cooking. The legendary center features seven jerk pits, fresh fruit juices, and even a resident DJ, DJ Sheppy. As a truly organic and rural community-created experience, it is also very much a network of related families. Many of the center’s Jerkmen have ancestors who were among the original jerk masters that first made the iconic dish for commercial sale. The center is also home to the third and fourth jerk pits that ever existed in the world: Ivy’s Jerk Center and Shaggy’s Jerk Shop, respectively. The iconic bay is also home to Jamaica’ thriving surf scene, with a nice jerk lunch being the perfect pick-me-up between waves.

Ossie’s Jerk Center – Negril


A small wood shack with outside tables under a roofed patio located on the Morass side of Norman Manley Boulevard in Jamaica’s “Capital of Casual” Negril, Ossie’s Jerk Center has a solid reputation, not only for its tasty jerk dishes but also for its outstanding “must-have” sauces. A rare gem that’s as popular with locals and visitors alike, this spot is perfect for those seeking home-cooked goodness. The atmosphere is also as delightful as the affordable food, this spot is definitely worth a stop for anyone vacationing in Negril.



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