Jamaican documentary to air on tv in South Florida

South Florida TV to Air Jamaican Documentary

The Jamaican Documentary on corruption, “The Cost of Corruption…. Jamaica’s barrier to prosperity” will air on television in South Florida.

National Integrity Action (NIA), Jamaica’s anti-corruption organization will broadcast its first full-length documentary  in South Florida on Sunday, October 18th at 8:30AM.

The one-hour long Jamaican Documentary on Corruption film graphically details four episodes in Jamaica’s 50-year post-Independence history, each of which indicated how corruption undermined Jamaica’s achievements. Viewers in Dade and Broward counties can watch on SFL/THE CW Network on Channel 39 or Comcast Channel 11.


Professor Trevor Munroe, Executive Director of NIA in describing the film pointed out “that the information contained therein was carefully researched and reveals the magnitude of the corruption problem. However the Jamaican people once they understand better the issues have the capacity to meet the challenge, to come together, to build integrity and combat corruption more effectively.”

Produced by Frame by Frame Productions, the Jamaican Documentary on Corruption is narrated by Professor Munroe and includes commentary and in-depth analyses from some leading Jamaican scholars and members of private and public sectors, as well as gives voice to the ordinary man in the street, all of whom have a story to tell on corruption.



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