Kanye West Says Haitian President Jovenel Moise is Giving Him an Island to Develop

Photo by President Moise via Twitter

American rapper and US presidential candidate Kanye West has given some insight into his much-talked-about visit to Haiti in September, where he was pictured in the company of Haitian President Jovenel Moise.

The Chicago rapper visited the country on September 25, where he was reportedly conducting business with Iranian-American entrepreneur and investor Shervin Kordary Pishevar.

West recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience show on youtube, in which he revealed that Haiti’s President was giving him and Pishevar a Haitian island to develop. “We go to Haiti and the president gives us this island to develop; to make it a city of the future,” he said.

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“We’re gonna have the farmers and the people that live there take ownership of the land they have right now so when it raises in value, they all eat.”

West also said that President Moise told him that the way he has done business with President Trump has been “so straight forward”, before touting himself as the best president that America would have for its foreign policy. “I’ve traveled more than any resident already”, he said.

In September, while addressing concerns about his visit to Haiti, West tweeted: “We are here to complete the revolution, we are building the future.”

Footage of the rapper have been shared all over Haitian social media. In some videos, he was seen sitting in the diplomatic lounge of the international airport of Cap-Haitien; sailing on the waves heading to Ile de la Tortue, or dancing on voodoo music at Cormier Plage, in the company of the President Moïse.

The visit to Haiti had come one week after his controversial visit to Jamaica. While in Jamaica, the rapper visited veteran dancehall/reggae Buju Banton at his Gargamel studio in Kingston but was heavily criticized for not wearing a mask while out in public.

At a subsequent Jamaica House press conference, Prime Minister Andrew Holness was quizzed whether West had breached the mandatory 14-day quarantine on his arrival to the island by private jet.

“My understanding was that he would have visited Buju Banton’s studio. The circumstances around that would have to be thoroughly investigated. I don’t have the details around that, as to whether or not permission was given, how that was arranged, whether or not protocols were observed,” was Holness’s response.