Grenadian Reggae Star A#keem Debuts ‘True Story’

by Ramona Samuels


Grenadian Reggae crooner A#keem has released his six-track debut EP titled, ‘True Story’.

The album, which features the hits ‘Big Shot’ and ‘Stay’, is available for digital download and purchase on popular streaming platforms; Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, YouTube Music, Napster, and iTunes.

The melodic masterpiece of feel-good songs and bounce-worthy beats, embodies all the elements of cross-over-worthy material. On the first track from the album, ‘Thinking Bout You’, the songwriter displays his affection for his love interest on an R&B-inspired, pop beat. The very appealing harmonies blend perfectly with the synced instrumentals propelling the song’s attractive layout.

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“This journey began in the midst of Grenada’s second wave of Covid-19, sometime in July 2021, while secluded in my creative space, I decided to compile my thoughts, talents, and knowledge of music production acquired during this Covid-19 era, along with previously recorded material, to share as an expression of myself, the individual, coping with these strange times.”

The satisfying sparkle and change of the guitar on track two’s, ‘Stay’, featuring Direman, is enough for the listener to anticipate that the song will be a quick and easy, ear-pleasing composition of emotions, mixed with interesting storytelling.

A#keem whose real name is Ahkeem David Abraham, uses his music to uplift his fellow countrymen, and has developed an approach of thought-provoking instances to drive the messages in his music. His soulful and deeply felt tone has made him a respected household name in Grenada, poised for international reggae-fused stardom.

Enjoy A#keem’s amazing debut album at this link.