5 Calypso songs that will never get old

It’s almost the the middle of the week, and thankfully the weekend is not that far around the corner. To get you through the rest of the week, check out these 5 calypso songs that will give you a musical boost.

Jean & Dinah -Mighty Sparrow

Slinger Francisco, better known by his stage name Mighty Sparrow is one of the best-known and most successful Calypso singers around town. Dubbed the “Calypso King of the World”, Sparrow, through his lifetime, has delivered hit after hit which has won him Trinidad’s Carnival Road March competition eight times.  Sparrow released Jean & Dinah in 1956 and after a few weeks, the single became an international hit.

Hot hot hot – Arrow

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“Feeling hot hot hot!” Every true calypso fan knows this soca classic. Featured on his 1982 album cakked Hot, hot hot,  the single became an instant hit in Arrow’s native country Trinidad & Tobago and worldwide.

Rum & Coca Cola – Lord Invader

Composed in 1943 by Trinidadian musicians Lord Invader and Lionel Belasco, the single was copyrighted by entertainer Morey Amsterdam. The song became a huge hit in the United States making it to the Billboard’s U.S. Pop Singles Chart.

Bee’s Melody- Lord Kitchener

The catchy and beautiful Bee’s Melody, written by calypsonian Lord Kitchener is one of those songs that will surely get the party going. The fast paced beat really makes you want to just jump out of your seat and show off your best dance moves. In the 1960s and 1970s, Kitchener along with Mighty Sparrow dominated the calypso competitions with their worldwide hits.

Cent, 5 cent – Soca Boys

“Cent, 5 cent, 10 cent dolla!, cent 5 cent 10 cent dolla!”. A party could not be considered a calypso party if this song wasn’t played. The very catchy lyrics made this club banger a favorite in the 90s, especially among the ladies.