Women of Kulture, Inc. to Host Virtual Human Trafficking Awareness Outreach Forum

human trafficking kids

Women of Kulture, Inc and Community Partners will host a 2-day Virtual Human Trafficking Awareness Outreach Forum in recognition of International Stop Violence Against Women Day (Nov 25) and the UN Sustainable Development Goal #5.

On the first day of the forum, November 24, the vent will focus on the Caribbean. Representatives from Bahamas, Bermuda, Haiti, Jamaica and Trinidad will educate viewers on identifying human trafficking, hot spots, protective measures and community resources for victims in their respective countries regarding Human Trafficking.

On the second day of the forum, the focus will be on Florida. Representatives from Orlando, Miami and Tampa will educate viewers on the same topics in their respective counties about Human Trafficking.

Human trafficking is a serious crime and violation of human rights, involving the use of force, coercion, or fraud to exploit a person into slave labor or sexual exploitation.

Human trafficking can happen to people of all ages and genders, and any race or religious background. Women are often used for sexual exploitation while men are usually used for forced labor.

It is believed that one in five human trafficking victims are children, exploited for begging, child pornography, or child labor.

Florida is listed as being in the top 5 states in the US with the highest rates for human trafficking in 2020.

Women of Kulture, Inc is a Florida non-profit organization whose mission is to celebrate diversity, promote gender equality and empower women and children. www.WomenofKulture.org

To report human trafficking please contact 888-373-7888 or humantraffickinghotline.org


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