Trinidad & Tobago Independence “Diaspora’s Next Gen” Spotlight: Andrew Martineau

As Trinidad and Tobago celebrates 53 years of independence, the National Weekly turns to the Twin Republic’s booming diaspora here in South Florida, celebrating young and talented individuals 40 and under that are already taking our community to the next level. From young Taekwondo masters to university deans, from artists to tastemakers, no doubt our future is bright in their hands.

Meet imagineer, Andrew Martineau.

Age: 39

Hometown: Trincity/Tacarigua, Trinidad and Tobago

Profession: Marketing Director at Westfield Broward Mall

For marketing impresario Andrew Martineau, a good marketing campaign can do way more than promote a product. Instead, Andrew prescribes the “creative altruism” as his professional philosophy.

“It means having the unselfish concern for the creative product,” says Andrew. “I pour my passion for anything creative unselfishly into everything I do.”

And our community, particularly the Caribbean Diaspora here in Florida, has certainly reaped the rewards of his magnanimous perspective, always incorporating ways a campaign can both unify and empower.

Children in particular are a crucial target audience for Andrew’s marketing as empowerment approach, which he actively supports as Board Director of the Broward Education Foundation – a local organization seeking to transform the lives of Broward County Public School students through education.

“Children hold our future in their hands and being able to create environments for them to thrive is very important to me,” says Andrew. “Art in all its forms is certainly a big part of that environment and providing opportunities for that art to flourish is important to the growth of Greater Fort Lauderdale.”

In his current role as Westfield Marketing Director, Andrew is also most proud of “working on Caribbean Style Week at Westfield Broward this past June” – an event empowering a budding industry through showcasing designers from across the Caribbean.

“My major focus for the future is growing the Caribbean Style Week brand to become a destination event where buyers and fashionistas from around the world come to sunny Westfield Broward to purchase items from Caribbean designers.”

No doubt the Trinidadian multicultural spirit is fundamental to Andrew’s inspiration.

“Growing up with various cultures in a highly social environment has given me a unique perspective on life and living,” says Andrew. “And South Florida is a place where that unique perspective can enhance the lives of many.”


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