Swap Shop founder Preston Henn dies at age 86

Preston Henn, founder of one of South Florida’s most popular flea market has died of natural causes at the age of 86, his attorney told Local 10 News.

Preston Henn died of natural causes Sunday at his Hillsbro Beach home, Henn’s Fort Lauderdale attorney, Bruce Rogow, confirmed.

Henn founded the Swap Shop in 1963. Today, it is home to many Caribbean delicacies. The organic markets of the Swap Shop resemble a lot of the market places found in the Caribbean. It is the ideal place to go and find ground provisions, fruits like sugar cane, sugar apples, sapodillas and more.


Local vendors at the flea market work toward providing household items that are usually only found in the Caribbean like Dutch styled cooking pots and wash boards.


Apart from the market, the Swap Shop is home to many forms of entertainment for the entire family. The Swap Shop is famous for its 14-screen drive-in theater, which is the largest drive in and largest daily flea market in the world. From the fruit market to Caribbean flags, the Swap shop is home away from home for many Caribbean people.



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