St. Kitts & Nevis Independence Spotlight: Avonelle Hanley-Green

Born in: Nevis

Lives in: Fort Lauderdale

Moved to FL: 1988

Life’s Passion: Avonelle balances life here as a businesswoman, proud mother of two, and “proud founder and vice-president of the Nevis Association of South Florida.” In particular, Avonelle prides herself in instilling the Nevisian cultural legacy for her children, so they can appreciate where their roots. “I love being able to reminisce about the beauty of life on the island and contrast it with life here. And at the same time discuss life here in the Diaspora.”

Miss most about home: Like our other interviewees, though she enjoys her work as a Medicare sales representative, Avonelle does find herself at times longing for “the slower pace and the more laid-back lifestyle” of Nevis – “just the fact that we knew each other on a personal basis, and we cared about and for each other.”

What makes her a proud Nevisian-American: Avonelle is most proud of her piece of the American dream, from achieving a college degree to “putting my own two children through college, and seeing one of them graduate.” But she also most cherishes the opportunities she has “to assist my family and other back home in various ways.”


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