Palm Beaches County Requires the Wearing of Face Coverings in Gov’t Buildings

Young woman shows self-made mask to protect against virus and bacteria

Palm Beach County has modified the executive order for facial coverings.

Under the modified order, all persons working in, patronizing, or otherwise physically present in grocery stores, restaurants while not seated, pharmacies, construction sites, vehicles for hire, and locations where social distancing measures are not possible should wear facial coverings as defined by the CDC.

All persons utilizing the County’s Palm Tran transit services including fixed route, Palm Tran Connection, Go Glades, and any other transit service provided by Palm Tran, shall wear facial coverings at all times when entering, riding, or exiting the bus or transit vehicle, unless a medical accommodation is arranged in advance by contacting Palm Tran at (561) 841-4287.

All persons accessing Palm Beach County governmental buildings for the purposes of conducting public business, visitation, contracting and maintenance, delivery, or any other activity requiring a presence in a county governmental building shall wear facial coverings as defined by the CDC at all times while present in the building.

Face coverings shall not be required for children under 2 years of age, public safety, fire, and other life safety personnel, and persons with medical conditions that are not compatible with masks.

Face coverings shall not be required for individuals participating in indoor sporting or physical fitness events provided 6’ physical distancing between participants can be maintained. Additionally, face coverings are not required while seated and dining in restaurant and other food service venues.


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