Palm Beach County Announces Additional Directive on Recreational Facilities

As COVID-19 cases decrease in South Florida, Palm Beach County has issued Emergency Order 21 allowing for the reopening of several recreational facilities.

Playgrounds, skate parks and other facilities that were previously considered high-risk areas for spread, may now be opened under specific guidelines set out by the county.

The amendments are as follows:

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1. Skate parks and bicycle tracks may be open with supervision as determined by park management.

2. All park playgrounds, water playgrounds, play and exercise equipment may be open.

3. Water fountains may be open.

4. Volleyball courts may be open.

5. Campgrounds may begin taking reservations for stays on or after October 1, 2020.

6. Supervised sports facilities with lights may be open after sunset.

7. Adult sports activities and leagues are permitted.

As the order pertains to playgrounds; according to the CDC, outdoor areas generally require routine cleaning and less disinfection than indoor spaces.  However, playgrounds are higher-touch facilities and due to the pandemic, PBC Parks personnel will provide a higher level of service to help keep them clean and sanitized as shown in this video.

In reopening park playgrounds to the public, the following additional procedures are being carried out each day.

•           The County Parks and Recreation Department will clean and disinfect each playground every morning prior to public use.

•           A second cleaning of the playground equipment will occur during the day.

•           Park restrooms will be open and soap and water will be available for washing hands.  If there is no restroom at the playground, portable hand washing stations will be available for public use.

•           Signs will be posted at each playground reminding visitors not to play on the apparatus if they are sick, stay socially distanced, wash their hands frequently and wear a mask if they can.

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