New exhibition showcases work of Jamaican artist Judith Salmon

Judith Salmon

The stories of the past, if cherished, can both transcend and challenge across generations and national borders. This power of memory shared, particularly among the Caribbean Diaspora, will be the focus of renowned Jamaican-born artist Judith Salmon’s upcoming exhibition, “Memories and the Carriage of Feet,” opening February 4 at the KROMA Gallery in Miami.

The exhibit surveys a significant body of her work, including paintings, mixed media and installations at the KROMA Gallery, Miami, Florida, from February 4 to March 13, 2016. The show recently exhibited at the popularly received Explorations 111 show at the National Gallery of Jamaica. Audiences who visited Salmon’s exhibits had the opportunity to interact with her “Pockets of Memories,” where they could share a memory, by leaving a note or token in the crochet pockets. “Pockets of Memory” will also be shown at KROMA Gallery and South Florida visitors will also be encouraged to continue the engagement with the work. These items will later be consolidated to create a new work, tying the shared memories of the Diaspora into a thought-provoking installation.

Judith Salmon was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1952, and is now based in Florida. She has received several awards for painting from the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, and received a Professional Artist Development Grant from the Pinellas Arts Council in Florida.


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