Jamaican Men of Florida Announces Newly-Elected Executive Team

The Jamaican Men of Florida (JMOF) has announced a newly-elected Executive Team led by President Melvin Foster, with Vice President Dr. Rupert Francis.

Other members of the executive team Treasurer Derrick Munroe, Secretary Vivian Walters, Membership Pete Kennedy, Next Gen Ray Martin, Marketing Stefan Grant, Fundraising Kirk Lawrence, Spiritual Values Father Horace Ward, Special Projects Oliver Falloon-Reid, Chief Legal Counsel Marlon Hill, and Dr. Allan Cunningham as an Advisor to the Board.

The Jamaica Men of Florida was established in April 2020 by Founder and Past President, Dr. Allan Cunningham, Global Jamaica Diaspora Council Representative. They are a non-profit organization, with a mission to empower, transform, and impact communities across generations inspired by the culture, identity, and the personal and professional excellence of men of Jamaican descent.

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In a statement, President Melvin Foster said, “Our slogan “We Are Our Brother’s Keeper” has been evident in all our endeavors as we strive to share in the brotherhood, culture, and future of the younger generation of Jamaica. We remain committed to our core values of Respect, Excellence, Mentorship, Cultural Identity, and Integrity. From addressing domestic violence, mental health awareness, racial injustice, and providing scholarships to needy students in the Community and in Jamaica, the Jamaican Men of Florida is on an upward trajectory. What is most impressive about our organization is that JMOF began during one of the worst pandemics ever…and has survived, thrived and is thriving.

In addition to fundraising, our goals for 2021-2022 include: increased membership, collaborating with other organizations and Community leaders to motivate, educate, uplift, and provide resources for those in the Diaspora and Jamaica.

“We are our Brother’s Keeper” and in order to achieve our goals, we are asking for your support in becoming a member of this illustrious organization.”

For more information, please visit www.jmoflorida.com; or follow Jamaican Men of Florida on social media.




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