Fort Lauderdale cops warn Spring Breakers

spring break
Fort Lauderdale Spring Break

Police in the city of Fort Lauderdale are warning that they will adopt a zero tolerance approach when tackling crime during the upcoming Spring Break activities.

Spring Break began in the second week of March and will run through to the end of April. The cops are warning revelers that any breach of the law will be dealt with harshly.

In a release to the media the Fort Lauderdale Police Department issued a raft of ordinances that Spring Breakers should adhere to in order to avoid being arrested.

The cops warned against:

  • Serving alcohol to anyone under 21 years of age;
  • Refusing to leave an establishment after being warned;
  • Possession of or displaying a false identification card;
  • Possessing an open container of alcohol within an open space that is not an enclosed structure;
  • Consuming alcohol in an establishment for off-premise consumption only;
  • Causing a public disturbance while intoxicated;
  • Engaging in a physical fight or in a violent, threatening behavior;
  • Public indecency; exposing sexual organs or female breasts; and
  • Sleeping on the beach.

The police have also warned that no consumption of alcohol will be allowed on the beach. Motorists are also asked to seek alternate routes to avoid congestion and unnecessary traffic delays.


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