City of Sunrise Issues Emergency Declaration For All Individuals to Wear Face Coverings

SUNRISE, Florida – The City of Sunrise has followed Miami Beach and Miramar, with an emergency declaration which calls for all individuals to wear face coverings when in public.

Following the CDC’s recommendation for all individuals to wear cloth face coverings, the emergency declaration strongly urges all residents and visitors, patrons and operators/employees within the city and city employees to wear a cloth face covering when engaging in an essential service or an essential activity.

As per the declaration, “cloth face covering” should not include surgical masks or N95 respirator masks. It is encouraged that these items be reserved for healthcare professionals and first responders, as recommended by the CDC.

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A homemade mask, face mask, handkerchief, scarf, bandana or other kinds of cloth coverings can be used.

The order went into effect on 12:01 on April 9 and will only be terminated by the City of Sunrise.