City of Miramar to unite community and law enforcement with “Let’s Talk”

City of Miramar to unite community and law enforcement with  “Let’s Talk”

Tensions between law enforcement and the community are still high with social media capturing tragic events of “police brutality” and hostile “protest” in certain regions across the globe. In an effort to aid communication between South Florida communities and local officers in highly concentrated Caribbean areas, the City of Miramar is taking action. The city says the number of negative encounters between citizens and its police force is low and they want to try and keep it low.

“An incident like Ferguson can happen in anytown USA from unfortunate interactions and altercations. As mayor I want to have a conversation to engage the community and inform residents about programs that the police department have to offer the community.”

On Thursday night, they are hosting a meeting for residents, business owners, activists, kids and their parents to discuss police stops and how to avoid confrontations that can become violent, among other topics. The event will be hosted by Mayor Wayne M. Messam, Police Chief Dexter Williams and clergy at Miramar City Hall from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

“The city is looking to provide resources about what to do if a Miramar police officer was to pull you over and how to comply. A more educated and informed community will reduce the incidents that we have seen across the country. Chief Williams has taken the issue to the next level in trying to understand what the concerns are and address them.”

For those who will not be able to make it to the meeting will also be live streamed on the city’s Facebook page as well as the city’s cable channel on Comcast. Mayor Messam noted that residents are invited to post questions to social media with #LetsTalkMiramar

“As mayor of very diverse community, I understand the frustration of the community and concerns of the police department. I don’t have the leisure to pick a side, police officer versus resident or resident versus officer, my job is to unite the community. Law abiding residents should not feel intimidated by officers whose job it is to protect and serve.”



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