A Return 2 Work Virtual Job Fair Comes to Lauderhill Sept 22nd

As Floridians continue to navigate the inconvenient truths of life during a pandemic, MD Marketing Network CEO and Lauderhill resident, Melissa P. Dunn has created a space where companies can safely recruit new talent and potential employees can comfortably participate in socially distant interviews.

Dunn, a woman who has intentionally served Lauderhill since 2013, believes the pathway to economic independence begins with livable wage jobs for everyone. To that end, she will host the first [email protected] JOB FAIR in the City of Lauderhill on September 22.

Not only will the job fair be promoting jobs coming to Lauderhill, but they will also be conducting interviews virtually and providing much-needed job skills training opportunities in several industry verticals.

“For me, it was imperative that we bring to the table employers with livable wage jobs. It was also important that we strictly adhere to ALL social distancing protocols at every step of the process,” said MD Marketing Network’s Melissa P. Dunn.

“Because job loss contributes high levels of emotional and financial stress, the other critical component for the fair was ensuring we offer assistance to the newly unemployed in applying for their unemployment benefits,” she concluded.


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