West Broward High School to host first TEDx Talk Event

On Thursday, November 12, 2015, West Broward High School will host its inaugural TEDx Talk event. TEDxWestBrowardHigh takes place in the school’s theater at 500 NE 209th Avenue in Pembroke Pines, from 6:30 – 9 p.m. The independently organized event, licensed by TED, features local voices and TED Talks videos under the theme, “The World is Mine.”


TEDxWestBrowardHigh is spearheaded by West Broward High master teacher and curator Horace Buddoo, along with West Broward High TED-ED Club members, teachers and students. Buddoo applied for a TEDx license as a way to promote a culture of collaboration and idea sharing for students. 


“At West Broward High, we strive to foster knowledge, creativity, integrity and personal excellence in our students,” said Buddoo. “TEDxWestBrowardHighSchool provides a platform for students to get inspired and encourages them to think big about their ideas, their future and their community.”


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The line-up of speakers, known as TEDx Talkers, embodies forward thinking with great ideas and extraordinary stories to tell. TEDxWestBrowardHigh’s participants will experience stories of success, inspired through examples of hardships overcome and reflect on challenges that bring unexpected insight.

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