With a look at some of the top stories making the news today, September 16th, across your Caribbean-American community in South Florida, I’m Suzette Speaks for CNW 90.

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Here’s a look at our top stories:

The city of Miami is initiating this use of a new technology approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for emergency use in areas where Zika carrying mosquitos are present. The technology that attracts females and contaminates them with a larvicide they then spread to other breeding sites. Officials say that this method has proven to significantly lower mosquito populations in certain areas.

“Fire in the Coal Pot”, an electrifying evening of dance and music will celebrate the company’s fifth anniversary and recognize five outstanding women who will receive the first annual Community Award of Excellence. The event, brought to you in part by the Peter London Global Dance Company, is scheduled for Saturday, October 1 at the Miramar Cultural Center.

Jamaica’s Cecil Harvey Cooper, a renowned artist, musician and educator died yesterday at the age of 70. Just over a week ago he was given one of  Jamaica’s highest honors, the Order of Distinction. Prime Minister Andrew Holness said Cooper’s “intellectual leadership and artistic integrity have given instrumental foundation” to his many students.

In sports:

This Saturday the Wolmers versus Campion College reunion soccer match will take place at the Central Broward Regional Park. Proceeds from the match, which starts at 5:30 p.m, will go towards aiding Wolmers sports programs in Jamaica.

And now, here’s what’s trending:

The family of Sandra Bland, who was found dead in a Texas jail after a routine traffic stop last year, has reached a 1.9-million-dollar settlement with Waller County Sheriff’s Office. The settlement includes compensation for Bland’s death while in custody as well as several changes to jail procedures in Waller County, Texas. Sandra Bland was found dead in her jail cell three days after she was pulled over for failing to use her turn signal in July 2015.

For today’s weather forecast:

Scattered thunderstorms in Broward County with a high of 91 and a low of 76. Partly cloudy in Miami-Dade as well, with a high of 88 and a low of 77.

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Today’s news is brought to you by Grace Aloe, Aloe Vera Drink, Refreshingly Delicious

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