A look at some of the top stories making the news today, January 25, across your Caribbean-American community in South Florida.

The Center for Disease Control has recommended doctors to test pregnant women and newborns from mothers who recently travelled to the Caribbean, due to the region’s current Zika virus outbreak. A relative rare and non-lethal virus, Zika has been linked in Brazil to growing rates of underdeveloped heads in newborns.

Current Lauderhill Mayor, Jamaican-born Barrington A. Russell, has filed to run for House District 95 seat, held by outgoing Rep. Hazelle Rogers. Barrington will join Surinamese-born Roxanne Valies, Robert lee Lynch and Patrick Jabouin in a four-way Democratic Primary for the Broward County seat.

Miami-based singer Sean Kingston is making the rounds promoting his new video for latest track, “One Away,” recently filmed during his return visit to motherland, Jamaica. The dancehall track is the first single off of his upcoming new album dubbed “Redemption,” though no release date has been announced.

The Caribbean Americas Soccer Association (CASA) kicks of their first match for the 2016 CASA Super League tournament tonight, starting 7:45 pm at the Lauderhill Sports Complex. The first match will see the Lauderhill Jr. Football Club face off against the Albion Plantation Football Club.

What’s trending:

Jamaica College has announced plans to reopen boarding facilities n campus by September this year. New principal Ruel Reid says he is strongly recommending students living outside the Corporate Area to consider boarding.

For Today’s Weather Forecast:

Thunderstorm in Broward County with a high of 76 and a low of 68. For Miami-Dade, thunderstorm with a high of 77 and a low of 68.

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