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Coming up in the newscast, Broward county leaders to discuss the creation of a Police and Criminal Justice Review Board, Jamaica’s election results update to 48-15 after a tie in Westmoreland constituency and the Cayman Islands moves to legalize same-sex partnerships.

Now for the news in the detail

As the national focus on police brutality against Black people continues to be a catalyst for change, local leaders in Broward County are attempting to bridge the gap between communities and the police. When Broward commissioners meet on Thursday, September 10, the creation of the Broward County Police and Criminal Justice Review Board, proposed by Mayor Dale Holness, will be on the agenda. The proposed independent review board would gather data on police use of force, alleged misconduct and other criminal justice issues and identify issues that could be addressed through policy changes. In an interview with CNW Network, Holness said his proposal came after the death of George Floyd—who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer. If the proposal is approved by the Broward County Commission, a public hearing will take place on September 22 for public discussion and a final vote by the commission.

In Caribbean News, The results of Jamaica’s September 3 general elections have been updated from 49-14 to 48-15, after a recount in the Eastern Westmoreland constituency resulted in the need for a tiebreaker. At the end of the preliminary count on the night of the elections on Thursday, the JLP candidate, Daniel Lawrence was declared the winner, ahead of the PNP incumbent, Luther Buchanan, by a thin margin of eight votes. Following an official recount of the ballots, the votes were tied, with each candidates polling 4,834 votes. The returning officer responsible for the electoral process in the constituency was instructed that he would have to break the deadlock by either flipping a coin or pulling a name from a hat. The officer decided on the latter, and cast his vote in favour of the opposition’s Luther Buchanan.

In another recount, the PNP’s Lisa Hanna retained the St Ann South Eastern seat by 32 votes after the recount. On election night, Hanna was declared the winner by 14 votes over the JLP’s Delroy Granston.

In the meantime, The leader of the JLP, Andrew Holness will be sworn in for his second term as Prime Minister today at King’s House – the official residence of the Governor-General.  This is the third time that Holness will be sworn in as prime minister.

In the Cayman Islands, The Governor of the Cayman Islands Martyn Roper on Friday approved a law making same-sex partnerships legal in the British Overseas territory. Roper said that in approving the law, the country hopes to end the discrimination being suffered by Caymanians and others on the islands whilst protecting the institution of marriage. He said that the action does not alter or undermine the strong Christian heritage and values of the people of the Cayman Islands. The changes to the law came into effect on Friday, after being gazetted. The Cayman Islands now joins a handful of Caribbean countries including Barbados, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Bermuda and the French Antilles, that have legalized same-sex partnerships.

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