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Coming up in the newscast, Florida moves to phase 3 reopening with all restrictions removed from restaurants and bars, Jamaica Police Federation calls for the death penalty for cop killers and Trinidad and Tobago still part of CONCACAF Gold Cup despite FIFA suspension.

Now for the news in the detail

On Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that the state would be moving into phase three reopening, with all restaurants and bars now allowed to operate at maximum capacity. Unlike the procedures for the previous reopenings, South Florida is also included in phase three, which means that bars in Broward and Miami-Dade, which had been closed, can now reopen. Gov. DeSantis said if local governments try to restrict the reopening of any restaurant or bar, they will need state approval. The governor said he would also stop cities and counties from collecting fines on people who don’t social distance or who don’t wear face masks, virtually nullifying the local orders. DeSantis’ order comes just one day after Broward County said it would be doing everything possible to make sure that residents wear masks on Election Day.

Following the Governor’s announcement, Broward County officials said that are now forced to announce the reopening of nightclubs, bars, cocktail lounges and adult entertainment venues. However, the social distancing and facial covering orders are still in effect for these establishments.

Now for Caribbean News,

In Jamaica, the Chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation (JPF), Patrae Rowe is calling for the death penalty to be imposed on criminals who murder members of the security forces. Rowe was commenting on the deaths of a member of the Jamaica Defence Force and a Police Constable who were both killed over the weekend. Rowe said that the unprovoked attack on his colleagues is an attack on the State and vowed that members of the Jamaican Constabulary Force will send a strong signal to people involved. Prime Minister Andrew Holness also commented on the crimes, saying that his administration will continue to build a national consensus on crime fighting involving all stakeholders. In just this month, three security officers and members of their families have died, in what law enforcement authorities have termed “coordinated” attacks against police officers and their families.

And in Sports News,

Trinidad and Tobago will feature in Monday’s draw for the preliminaries of the CONCACAF Gold Cup despite being slapped with a ban by football’s world governing body, FIFA.

However, if the Caribbean side does not have the suspension revoked by FIFA by December 18, Antigua and Barbuda will replace them in the 12-team tournament scheduled for next July, continental governing body CONCACAF announced Friday. T&T was last week banned by FIFA for what the governing body termed “grave violations of the FIFA Statutes”. The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association had provoked FIFA’s ire by taking them to court over their decision to remove the William Wallace-led administration and install a normalisation committee last March.

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