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Today is International Women’s Day and women across the U.S. are planning a series of marches across the country. The marches are expected to culminate into protests against the Donald Trump regime and is touted to become even bigger than the million woman march which was staged a day after trump was sworn in as President on January 20.
The new health care act introduced by the White House to replace ObamaCare has been harshly criticized by republicans and Democrats alike. Several members of Congress have voiced their opposition to aspects of the bill which they say will result in major cuts in expenses for the rich while making the elderly and persons at the bottom of the economic barrel pay more.
Trinidad Express senior investigative journalist, Denyse Renne, was assaulted and robbed in San Fernando on Monday. Renne’s assailant struck her on the head before escaping with $1,000. Renne was reportedly approached by a man who clouted on the back of her head and grabbed her purse. The man took out the cash and threw the purse back at her, then ran off.
And in sports…
West Indies batting legend, Brian Lara, has dismissed reports that he was seriously injured in a car crash in his home country of Trinidad on the weekend. Reports had surfaced on the internet that Lara had been hospitalized after crashing his car after a night out on the town. However Lara said he was in good health and dismissed the reports as mischief.
Here’s What’s trending
The White House is backtracking on claims by President Donald Trump that former President Barack Obama had ordered that his phones inside the Trump Tower in New York be wiretapped. Trump made the claim via his twitter account over the weekend but his critics claim it was an attempt to distract the American public from the looming ‘RussiaGate’ scandal.
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