Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ (M-DCPS) students, teachers, schools and programs wrapped up the 2016-2017 school year with an impressive array of honors and achievements. These achievements included a record breaking graduation rate of over 80 percent, exceeding the average of other large Florida school districts.

Visiting Miami last Friday President Donald Trump announced some reversals in the policies his predecessor President Obama had put in place to improve relationships between Cuba and the US. The reversals include reverting trade and travel policies to the situation prior to the Obama changes. This change could involve Americans who plan to travel to Cuba for business or vacation. However, there will be certain exceptions under which Americans can travel to Cuba and Cuban family travel will continue to be authorized. The changes won’t be effective until the US Treasury and Commerce Departments issue new regulations that conform with the Trump administration’s policy.

Flooding from heavy rains have again caused widespread devastation in Jamaica. Over the past weekend the parishes of Clarendon, Manchester and St. Elizabeth were affected badly by flood rains. These parishes were in the process of recovering from very serious flooding early this month and once more people were forced to flee their homes and abandon flooded farms. The flooding is placing a heavy financial burden on the resources of the people affected and on the Jamaican government.

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In Sports

A Reggae Boyz squad of 20 players and officials left Jamaica yesterday for Martinique to defend Jamaica’s hold on the Scotiabank CFU Men’s Caribbean Cup title from June 22-25. The team consists of players pulled from the US leagues, and at least two players, goalkeeper Dwayne Miller of Sweden’s Syrianska FC, and utility Kevon Lambert from Serbia’s FC Vojvodina — are joining the group from Europe The Boyz will play French Guiana in the opener on Thursday at the Stade Pierre Aliker in Martinique’s capital of Fort-de-France, while Curacao will tackle hosts Martinique.

Here’s What’s Trending

As the Muslim month of Ramadan approaches its end on June 24, Terrorists attacks continue to plague Europe. On Sunday night worshippers leaving a mosque in London were run down by a man driving a van leaving one man dead, and several other people injured. On Monday, a man driving a car containing weapons and explosives rammed a police van in Paris. The driver of the car was killed. And, in the US a Muslim teenager was attacked and beaten to death in Virginia while walking to a Mosque for Ramadan prayers.

For Tomorrow’s weather forecast

It will be  cloudy with scattered showers in Broward, Miami, and Palm Beach Counties with a high of 86 and a low of 79 degrees. Today’s news was brought to you by the Florida Department of Health in Broward County, who encourages you to Protect Your Baby, Vaccinate On Time, Every Time.  They remind you that Immunizations are SAFE, PROVEN PROTECTION. For more on these and other stories visit us at Make sure to pick your copy of Caribbean News weekly at your nearest Caribbean American outlet.



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